How to use room dividers to make room for your kids to sleep in your room

They are an excellent way to create privacy for your child from IKEA hacker’s parent’s rooms, play areas etc… Here is the tutorial via room dividers as bunk beds. This will save you money on bedding as well as give some privacy for sleepovers or even nap time!! Great idea if you live in a small house & want to make the most use of space within your home.

Room dividers (or room screens, room dividers room screens) are great room divider ideas if you don’t like the idea of using up space in your room with a large room divider.

You can get fabric room dividers made out of wood or metal to match your room decor and make it look part of the furniture that’s already there. If you need more privacy you can get blinds or curtains that hook into the top of each panel, or use it without any covering for extra ventilation.

If you don’t have the room or the money to get a room dedicated for your kids, you can use room dividers to create a room of their own in your room. This is ideal if you need to keep an eye on them and not wanting to put them in their room just yet.

Get some long sheets of fabric/cloth and drape it over furniture such as bookcases or dressers. You can even push these pieces of furniture out or close together so it acts like a wall. If you want more privacy, place another piece of cloth down before hanging the first sheet. Hang some shelves too on one side; preferably where there is already some closets that could house any clothes they may need while staying inside with you.

Place a small bed or room divider where your kids can use as a room to sleep in, and place their stuffed animals on it too. If you want to make the room fancy, put a rug down first before they go to sleep, but this isn’t needed if all you need is a room divider room for them to sleep in while staying with you.

Do you have a room that is too small? Do you need room divider ideas to use the space better and make room for your kids to sleep?

Room dividers are inexpensive, simple room dividers that don’t require professional installation. They’re easy to move and store. You can also rearrange room dividers any way you like.

Here are some room divider ideas to help keep your kids room neat and organized.

Bookcase room divider:

Use a room divider that turns the bed into a bunk bed. Your kids will always know where they can find their books and toys since they’re behind a bookcase room divider! This is very easy to make with basic supplies from your local hardware store and is excellent for maximizing space in small rooms, such as one that children share when you have more than one child or when family comes to visit you.


Q: What room divider should I get for my room?

A: If you are looking to maximize space in your room then use room dividers that turn the bed into a bunk bed. It’s also easy to make using basic supplies from any hardware store. This room divider is excellent for small rooms, such as when children share a room or when family comes to visit you. You can even get ones that turn the bed into 2 separate beds if needed.

Q: How do room dividers work?

A: Room Dividers work by placing one panel between two free standing room partitions eye hooking them together on each side of the room or just have 1 panels hanging independently depending on your needs and preference. The second room divider is done the same way. Eyehooks are included for room dividers of 8′ lengths or less.

Q: How room dividers are different from room screens?

A: Room screen room dividers are typically made with fabric on a frame that can be moved but doesn’t have panels that can be changed out to create new looks. Their room screens are more opaque compared to room dividers that have slats so they provide better privacy while also being easy to see through when closed.


Room partitions are very important especially in schools, big industries to make the area less congested. These are different from the room screens because these are much more durable. They can be easily stacked on top of each other when they are not being used. The materials used here are steel, wood etc… Thus they will last longer. Also since these partition walls have doors or openings at certain places, you can still have passage through them even when these rooms’ partitions are up.

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