Important aspects to consider when quoting an SEO service

1. Elaboration of an SEO briefing with the client

This part of an SEO agency’s work is vital at all times, as it will allow you to accomplish what you want.

Here communication plays a crucial role in making the project a success. Both the agency and the client must outline the objectives to be met and the estimate of the same. This way they will know which products or services are of most interest to consumers so that they can optimize them to the máximum as say the amarok agencia seo.

2. SEO Audit

It is very common that the company or business has its own website, digital environment or online ecosystem that needs improvement and should be positioned.

If this is the case, the SEO agency should conduct a study (audit) to find out how the portal is in terms of search engine positioning, error diagnosis and brand visibility, which can be improved for the near future.

The SEO audit must also evaluate the main competitors in relation to the state of the brand.

3. Digital positioning plan

The SEO agency will perfectly define the path to follow to meet the goals of the project that was built together with the client.

This is a daily work, once the starting point has been established, the maintenance work must be constant.

4. Study, SEO results measurement and communication

It is important to produce reports of the results obtained. This is essential in order to be aware of what is happening and the decisions that will be taken to comply with the established guidelines.

How to choose the best SEO agency?

This is a point that you have to take very seriously, it is not about choosing the first name that comes up in the list or in Google searches.

Therefore, you must take some crucial points into account, such as the following:

1. Define your SEO goals

SEO agencies offer a large number of plans, so you should carefully choose a service that meets what you are looking for.

You have to know which areas of your business you need to optimize to get better results.

It is essential to know if you have to start from scratch or if you simply need to optimize some particular areas.

2. Gather relevant information

It is very important that you get unbiased opinions about the SEO agency.

In short, that the service is able to back up the claims with facts.

There are many data that you should analyze with excessive attention, such is the case of online reviews, study the work that the agency has done, the support and advice that the agency itself can give you, customer testimonials and more.

A key point is that, if the service is trustworthy, it will provide you with the information you need.

3. Identify the techniques they use

Corroborate the effectiveness of the SEO agency is a key point, analyze the techniques they use, types of SEO services they offer to know their experience. The areas that work in SEO and those that do not.

If the SEO agency is of high quality, they will surely offer you consultancies, or personalized advice on the quality of the work they provide so that you can confirm the professionalism of the service.

The crucial points that every good SEO agency should include in its service plan are:


Good planning

Good management of at least key aspects such as: crawlability, indexing, content management and popularity indexes and brand authority.

Management of analytics tools.

Good management of performance measurement focused on target KPI’s.

4. Visit the SEO agency

You must get to know the company that will work on your project, you have to create a good working environment and get to know the people involved in the agency.

It is about getting to know them face to face so that the relationship is closer and more positive.

It is very important that you integrate with the team so that the project you have in mind is carried out accurately.

In addition, it is vital to show that you are motivated and that the optimization of your business is essential for you.

5. Don’t lose sight of your budget

Before investing in an SEO agency you should know how much money you can spend.

For example, a non-competitive local service campaign may cost only a couple of hundred euros per month.

But, on the other hand, a more aggressive national competitive product can be worth thousands of euros.

Do you have the capital to support your SEO campaign over the long term? This is a question you need to answer perfectly before hiring a service.

Ask about agency SEO packages that fit your budget.

Once you’ve studied the variables and what you need, purchase the plan that really delivers what you want to do and doesn’t cost more than you can afford.

Remember that digital advertising (SEM) tends to be a liability, while investing in SEO is an asset because it is organic and is an investment with a medium and long term trend that once you get the desired positioning, no one will be able to take it away from you.

6. Beware of SEO guarantees

Certainly, an SEO agency can show successful and very positive results, but it is another thing to guarantee specific results.

Here you must go very slowly because, for sure, there is no way to predict the search engine algorithms of a website with precision. Logically, the SEO service knows how to proceed to achieve optimal results, but Google’s algorithms are constantly changing.

So the vital point of all this is the experience, methodologies and the years that an SEO agency has been in this business.

Both are factors that will help you determine how effective the strategies that the service you are hiring will be.

Remember that SEO is an asset that you must cultivate, therefore it should not be rushed, the SEO depends on the positioning of your brand.

7. A step beyond SEO

You have to visualize the general environment of the situation, that is to say, do not close yourself in the SEO. Analyze what else your company needs to stand out from the competition.

You must take into account determining factors such as sales revenue and actual conversions.

The SEO agency you choose should have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully grow your brand.

SEO is a complex process, there are many details involved that must be worked out correctly for everything to mesh and work as it should, only then you will get the expected results.

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