Know how to attach television to the walls or ceilings.

After having a long tiring day, everyone would want to go home and enjoy their favourite shows on the television. Over 1,491,700 households in Melbourne have at least one television, and over 77% have two. It can bother when the television is not in the correct position that allows the best view. Television stands against the wall when the wall-mount or a stand is attached to it by helping them have the vest look. One can set it up anywhere in a living room or bedroom. 

A TV wall mounting in Melbourne is different from a stand mount. The former must be attached to the wall using tools to drill holes to install screws. It requires a professional to perform the activity of fixing the TV to the wall. Unlike the televisions available in the olden days, modern-day television comes with a wall mount. The 5 million population of Melbourne residents can enjoy the following types of TV wall mounts in their city. Explore further to know more about the types of TV mounts available.  

Looking for a TV mount to support the television? Know all about them before proceeding with the purchase. 

Low profile (fixed) 

It is also known as a fixed or stationary mount. It allows the TV to fit flat against the wall. Unlike some of the other types, it does not have the option to tilt or swivel the television. It goes hand in hand with budget planning. It takes less than half an hour to install it. 

Tilting TV mount 

The shape and features are very similar to the previous type. As the name suggests, it provides room to tilt the television ranging from 5 degrees to 15 degrees. The adjustable TV mount in Melbourne avoids screen glare. The best choice is to mount it up on the wall. 


It is also called the ‘slim mount’. It provides a sleek thick look from the wall of just 0.55″ or 1.4 centimetres from the wall. The technology used to make this mount allows one to smoothly access the television cables without the heavy work of getting it from the wall. 

Articulating TV mount 

The significant feature of this type is the liberty of movement. It is an extended arm to the brackets of the mount that permits one to tilt, pan or even swivel the television. It is the only mount that allows a complete view out. The television can be dragged away from the wall and pulled from left to right. Because of these salient features, it is also known as a full-motion mount. 

Swivel TV mount 

It also has an additional arm attached to the bracket like the above-mentioned type. But it does not allow the television broad field of view. Unlike the articulating type, it cannot be rotated or tilted horizontally. Only some of the swivel types have the capacity of tilting. 

Ceiling mount

Among a wide variety of mount types, the ceiling type is one. As the title reads, it is specifically attached to the ceiling but not the wall. The television is hung from the ceiling. Some of them come with a pole that can extend it more than 3 feet, and some other gives access to full-motion brackets. Melbourne is the movie-going capital of Australia, with Melbournians visiting the cinema over 20.66 million times in the past year. 70% of the population also prefer to access content from OTT platforms on their TVs. It shows the residents’ love for sci-fi, drama, and animated movies. This is the best type of TV mount for movie and series lovers.

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Curved wall TV mount 

This mount is compatible with LED, LCD, plasma and other televisions that are 42 to 70-inches flat. It gives a premium look to the television. Other characteristics are tilting, panning and adjusting to find the best angle. 

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