Marble Benchtop Restoration In Sydney

Marble worktops have become increasingly popular due to their stunning beauty and durability. With its clean, sleek appearance, marble adds an elegant touch to any modern kitchen.  Having marble surfaces installed is a major investment and therefore it should be treated with care and properly maintained to preserve its beauty and functionality. When it comes to marble it makes sense not to take any risks and we, therefore, we advise against the use of any DIY natural stone rejuvenation products and methods as there are too many mistakes that can be made by those without adequate knowledge, experience, and the right equipment.

If you have marble benchtops in your home, restoration is something you will need to have done from time to time to freshen up the surface and restore the eye-catching shine that marble is known and loved for. Notwithstanding its durability, marble is in fact a soft stone that can easily become scratched and lose its shine, especially with high-traffic surfaces like benchtops.

There are several marble restoration services offered by professional marble restoration companies to repair, protect, restore, and refinish your marble benchtops. Cleaning and sealing are two of the most important aspects of marble restoration. In addition, it may also be necessary to remove stains, repair chips and cracks, and remove lippage and etches, before repolishing the surface to regain a mirror-like shine.

Marble surfaces are quite eye-catching and something that is instantly noticed when entering a room. High-shine marble benchtops look absolutely stunning in a kitchen. Hiring a professional to freshen up the shine is a wise investment as these experts have the experience and tools required to perform quality repairs and maintenance on all types of natural stone surfaces. Slique is a natural stone restoration company in Sydney with years of experience in the restoration industry. We are highly regarded for our high-quality workmanship and positively reviewed by our many past customers.

Our Marble Restoration Process

– The first and most important step in any marble restoration process is to thoroughly clean and remove any ingrained dirt from the surface with special equipment that won’t damage the soft stone. This includes things like adhesives, varnishes, wax, and paints.

– Any existing sealant is also removed before tackling stains and removing minor surface imperfections with purpose-designed equipment to prevent any further damage.

– Once the surface has been cleaned to an acceptable level it is prepared for polishing by carefully removing any imperfections with suitable equipment. Trying to polish a poorly prepared surface will not deliver the desired finish.

– The final step in the process is to seal the surface. A layer of special sealant will protect the marble from damage and help maintain its beautiful shine for longer.

Although these steps may sound simple, marble restoration is in fact a complex rejuvenation process that is best left to professionals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to work with natural stone surfaces.

Give us a call for more information on how Slique Marble Restorations services can help restore and maintain your marble benchtops and any other natural stone surfaces in your home.

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