Measuring The Sofa For Best L Shape Sofa Cover

You have purchased the right sofa for your use. Now the main goal is to get the best cover for it. Not all sofas are made in the same way. Some are bigger than the rest and others are way too small and can’t even fit the main sofa, so let’s forget about the chaise. It is always important to know more about the sofa before you can handle the cover for it. Therefore, proper measurement is the prime factor whenever you are planning to get a cover for your sofa, and for the first time!

How much fabric do you actually need?

For that answer, you have to get a general idea of how much fabric is used for making a standard l shape sofa cover. Some of the points are listed below for your reference.

  • In case you have a medium or small sized high back chair, then it will need around 6 to meters of fabric material.
  • For a single lounge chair, which is also a part of a suite, you will need around 7 to 9 meters of fabric to cover.
  • Then you have the two-seater sofa, which will typically need around 14 meters of fabric materials to go with.
  • Then you have three seater sofas, which will need around 16 to 18 meters of fabric.
  • For the four seater sofa, you have around 20 to 22 meters of fabric to cover up for now.

The lengths, which are suggested, are mostly based on the average sized chairs and sofas and then there will be the use of the plain fabric to go with it. On the other hand, if you are going for a patterned fabric, then you have to need around 10 to 20% more of the amount as mentioned before. It mostly depends on the pattern repeat.

In case you can determine where the joins are within the fabric, based on the current sofa, then you can add that much needed vertical pattern repeat for every join over here.

The accurate figure measure:

In order to procure that accurate form of figure measure that each part of the sofa needs and then add the pieces together, you have to add around 10 to 15% as the error margin to the final count. 

  • It is always vital to start with the outside back and then opt for the inside back. 
  • Then you have to move towards the outside of armrest and ten the inside of those arms.
  • Later, you need to add the gusset and the area of each surface of every possible cushion.
  • So, now you can split the sofa surface into multiple small rectangles as needed and then calculate the area of each portion. 
  • Then add those points out and then add 15% more as one safety margin.

Most of the companies sell the fabrics for sofa covers by linear meter and the width is mainly around 140cm. In case you are trying to make the cover for L-shaped sofa on your own, focusing on these measurements is really important.

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