Most common Complaints About Nursing Homes By Patients 

A nursing home’s responsibility is to provide patients or residents with ample care, good food, relaxing times, hygienic places, and socialization. However, many nursing homes fail to provide the necessities to the residents, and end up living in a cramped and suffocating environment. People get admitted to these homes to have a peaceful and nurturing life as they are no longer capable of daily activities. When the facilities of this center are not up to the mark, people end up suffering more than living peacefully. Residents sometimes develop prolonged illnesses or injuries due to a lack of care and proper resources. 

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Most common complaints about nursing homes by patients 

  • Lack timely responses 

The most common complaint residents express is that the nursing home members or staff do not respond within a reasonable period, which ends up causing more trouble. The response time is relatively slow and often delays the service until they are asked multiple times for something. When the residents talk about a slow response, it involves reacting late to the bell or leaving a person unattended on the bed or wheelchair for a long time. 

This can cause physical issues to the residents, like bed sores or pains, if they are kept in one position for a long time. A typical example where delay of service is seen is in dining halls where residents come for dinner, breakfast, or lunch and are left unattended after their meals are done or even before sometimes. 

Patients keep waiting for their food to arrive or return to their room after they finish the email. However, no one shows up for hours together, and they have to wait. This might be because some nursing homes do not have enough staff to provide excellent service to every patient. But that certainly is not the resident problem. 

  • Isolation 

Most nursing homes and centers lack sufficient staff or caregivers for the resident. This shortens the attention span of each patient in a nursing center, which can result in social isolation in patients. 

Not being able to communicate with people for sufficient time creates an isolated environment for the patient. As a result, most residents in nursing homes feel lonely. At the same time, there is a possible chance that the patient can befriend the resident, but in most facilities, these residents do not stay consistent and keep changing. 

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