Plant Lovers Gift Guide 2022

Finding the perfect gift for a plant lover can be a bit of a prickly task. If you have a friend or relative that just adores plants, you might want to avoid the obvious route of giving them yet another generic houseplant or succulent. 

So what do you get for the person who is absolutely positively obsessed with anything houseplant related? In our plant lover gift guide we have prepared our top picks of plant themed items you can gift this festive season. 

Plant Themed Socks

Socks are a classic Christmas stocking filler that everyone loves to receive and what is better than a nice pair of socks tailored to a specific theme. Many online shops offer socks in hundreds of different plant designs to choose from. Trendy monstera leaves, cherry blossoms, palm leaves and so much more, you can find the perfect design to suit the gift recipient. 

Plant Colouring Book 

Who says colouring a book is an activity for children? Colouring is a relaxing hobby that many people enjoy when they’re looking to let out some steam. A plant themed colouring book is a great gift for a plant lover who also enjoys doing something more on the creative side. 

Repotting and Pruning Tools Set

Practical gifts and plant care tools are always much appreciated by plant lovers. A good quality pruning or repotting kit is a fantastic gift idea for someone with an impressive collection of plants that need to be taken care of. 


A beautiful moss or fern terrarium is the dream present for a plant lover. This will not only make a brilliant addition to a plant lover’s collection, but it can also be a stunning centrepiece in any room.

Grow Light

A grow light is a fantastic gift for the plant lover who doesn’t have a sunny window to keep their sun-loving plants on. You can find various styles of grow lights that can clip onto a desk and even set to turn on and off on a timer basis. 

Watering Stakes

Watering stakes are another practical plant themed gift that would make any plant lover happy. These handy tools are designed to be filled with water and put in the plant pot and disperse water through osmosis. This is a great gift for lazy or forgetful plant enthusiasts who tend to accidentally “murder” their precious houseplants. 

Exotic Plant 

Now we know we said a new plant is a cliche gift for a plant lover, however, an exotic plant is still a great gift idea that every plant enthusiast would appreciate. A bonsai tree is a perfect example, if you’re looking for a unique houseplant to buy as a present this festive season. You can find a great variety of Christmas bonsai trees from specialised nurseries and plant shops. 

Planter Set 

Any hobby gardener can agree that you can never have enough planters. A set of matching ceramic plant pots is a dream come true for the houseplant enthusiast. There are endless design, shape and size options to choose from so you can find the perfect planters that would truly fit the recipient’s style and taste. 

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