Precautions when buying an apartment in Keserwan

Keserwan is one of the most expensive areas of Beirut, Lebanon. It is one of the world’s most luxurious places to live and fulfill your dreams. Keserwan offers an expensive lifestyle and provides the people living there with all the things they need for their daily life chores.

The sky-kissing buildings and the luxury class glass pane windows to see through asks the residents to stick to their lifestyle for their life. Tourists and people are attracted to living in their capital city, Beirut. Among the areas this city offers luxury life, Keserwan is listed in them, offering 24/7 services at your doorstep.

Precautions when Buying an apartment in Keserwan

There are some following precautions that you need to consider when you decide to buy an apartment in Keserwan. Living in Keserwan is the same as living in any other area of Beirut. The services and lifestyle people have adopted are pretty much the same anywhere in Beirut. Yet, there are still a few precautions that one should consider when considering buying an apartment in Keserwan.

Considering property value and price precisely.

Before going all in and buying the apartment, you should have a survey of the area regarding the process and future property value. Take your time to figure out the turn rate if you have to sell the apartment and move out elsewhere. You should also leap at the prices of the surrounding apartments and estimate the price for the apartment that you are selecting, whether it is right and fair or above the market price. After thoroughly satisfying yourself, you should buy the apartment.

Ask about the carpet area.

When looking for the apartment to buy, ask the agent about the carpet area, the area that falls under your ownership upon the apartment purchase. Ensure the area that comes under your ownership after the purchase and make independent measures of the area for it. This is applicable mainly in the house purchase for the apartment. They are furnished in a way that covers the area.

Check the land record and property’s legal status.

When purchasing the apartment, it is essential to look for the records of the ownership of the apartment and the legal status, whether it is available for purchase or disputed; verify all before you make the purchase and do that after verifying the records and property’s status.

Verify the payment details and apartment acquisition

Before making the purchase, confirm the acquisition of the apartment and the mode of payment. The payment should be made through legal means, and the apartment should be under the owner’s name, who is selling the apartment and should be transferred to your name after the sale has been finalized. Once the apartment has been sold, and payment has been cleared, you are solely responsible for the things to come next.


Lebanon is a place that has gotten the attention of tourists and has mesmerized them enough that they started settling in the capital of the country. While enjoying the luxurious life of Beirut, Lebanon, the locals and tourists are attracted to living in the upper-class area of the capital. They are intrigued with buying an apartment in Keserwan, making their life here, and enjoying the city’s perks.

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