The Most Watched Sports in America by State

One of the activities that promote social integration in the USA is sports. It helps promote justice, fairness, teamwork, and unity among races. Every state has a unique culture and a favorite sport. Nationally, the main sports watched within the USA are football, soccer, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Going state by state, the following are the most important sports.


Michigan might rightfully be called the heartbeat of America’s sports. Due to sports, the states’ casinos remain highly active as gamblers seek to gain from the well-established Michigan sports betting industry. The leading sport in this state is football and one of its well-known teams is the Lions. Other important sports in Michigan are horse racing, baseball, and golf.


California is known globally for its thriving film industry, but the state is not lagging in sports too. It has some of the world’s renowned sportspeople and some of the best sports facilities. The most popular sports activity in California is baseball and it attracts a large viewership annually. Behind baseball are football, basketball, and car racing. College basketball is especially popular. For anyone looking to get seriously into betting, make sure to follow Doc’s college basketball picks.


Texas is a large state and is home to popular sports activities. The oldest sports in the state are horseracing and bull sports but they seem to be overtaken by NFL football, although horse racing remains a popular sport. Football’s popularity starts with high school football and progresses to university and professional football.

New York

Although football is perceived as the most popular sport in New York, recent TV ratings show baseball as the most popular. The same ratings also show the most important drinks consumed during sports as Manhattan cocktail, Martini, and New York Lemonade.

It’s not clear if the drinks are influenced by what a sportsperson eats or if it is a traditional choice. The list goes on to include other popular sports as basketball, football, and soccer. All in all, New York is a hot spot for sports such as golf, boxing, and martial arts.


Florida has a mix of all types of sports games due to its tropical climate that favors tourism and various sports activities such as boating, surfing, diving, and parachuting. It is a favorite place for live games such as hockey, baseball, and amateur sports.

Hockey is a highly popular game in Florida, although it closely competes with football. Recent statistics show NFL popularity in the state is still high. Other competing sports are basketball, car racing, and golf come at a distance.


The island of Hawaii has a lot of sports activities that take place on its various islands. The island favors both indoor and outdoor sports activities. The most popular activity is golfing, played by both locals and tourists. Badminton is also common, but volleyball seems to be more popular. Other important sports are football, softball, baseball, and soccer.


Wrestling is the top sport in Ohio and Pennsylvania follows closely. American football comes second and baseball third. The state has some of the best facilities and players and the state government sponsors a lot of its sporting activities.

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