Top 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing Outdoor Cushion Covers

Whether you’re renovating your house, purchasing new cushions, or replacing your old furniture items, the process becomes so daunting that you might be stressed. However, the trick is to enjoy the work and create interest while completing it. However, you need to mind certain factors that would help you avoid making some common mistakes. These factors are extremely effective to save your cushion covers from being damaged. 

Patio cushion covers are great at improving the feel and ambiance of your backyard or outdoor space. It develops a welcoming ambiance where you and your guests can spend quality time. 

However, you need to pay close attention while purchasing the patio cushion covers. As they are versatile and available in various options, it’s easy to make mistakes while buying them. Here are the top 3 common mistakes you need to avoid while purchasing outdoor cushion covers.

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You Forget to Measure the Size of Your Old Cushions

This is one of the most common mistakes inexperienced people make while purchasing cushion covers. Dimension or accurate measurement is extremely important to purchase the perfect cushion coversHowever, most people measure the size of their furniture items while choosing the cushion covers. This is a common mistake that could affect the entire purchasing process. Instead, consider determining the size of your old cushion covers so that you can get accurate measurements. 

Pay close attention while measuring the seat depth, width, and back height to gather the perfect sizing. Taking the measurements of your old cushion is undoubtedly a helpful process. Additionally, the size of your old cushion covers might not be perfect. While purchasing new cushion covers, you can rectify this error. 

You Don’t Consider the Local Climate and Daily Use

The local climate of your area as well as your everyday use is another common factor you need to consider before purchasing cushion covers. Many people forget to consider these options and end up purchasing irrelevant cushion covers for their patio cushions. Remember that cushion covers are great accessories for your cushion and furniture items. Therefore, you need to be careful. The cushion covers of the coastal area might prove ineffective in dry climate conditions. However, cushion covers come in plenty of options to choose from. 

Make sure you determine the intended use of the patio cushion covers. If you want to use them daily, consider choosing covers that are made of strong fabric which can withstand heavy use. As per Silverbobbin, polyethylene is the strongest fabric material. Additionally, don’t forget to pay close attention to the color as it will enhance the beauty of the cushions. 

You Choose Irrelevant Colors

The colors you choose for your patio cushion covers will play a crucial role in the appearance and look of your backyard. Colors are capable of creating a beautiful ambiance that would change the entire mood of your backyard. The perfect combination of hue and contrast will make the cushion covers look attractive. However, choosing too many hues or bold colors will overwhelm the guests. Here are some color combinations you should consider:

  • Primary Colors: Yellow, blue and red colors will look good on the cushion covers. One of the mentioned colors will dominate while the other two will remain accent. 
  • Analogous Colors: Colors such as green, blue, and greenish-blue will enhance the shade of the cushion covers. 
  • Earth Tones: You can choose grey, brown, and tans if you prefer a calm experience. 


These are the top 3 common mistakes you need to avoid while purchasing the cushion covers. Now that you know the mistakes, make sure you avoid them while choosing the perfect patio cushion cover for your backyard. 

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