Various Types of Kitchen Sinks for Your House

Even if you are not a cook or baker, the kitchen is still the busiest room in any house. Among all the fixtures, the sink is the centerpiece of the kitchen. It is the place where to prepare food and wash dishes. Apart from the practical use, your kitchen sink also plays an essential role in enhancing kitchen aesthetics. Therefore, picking a style that will perform best for you is crucial. Considering the type you choose will depend on the installation, we will dive into various installation methods in this article.

Types of Kitchen Sinks According to Installation Method

There are many different kitchen sinks, and they can be sorted into categories of how they are mounted, read on and learn more about different types of sink installation for your kitchen.

Top Mount Sinks

Top mount kitchen sink, also known as a drop-in sink or self-rimming sink, is the most common type of sink. The rim carries all the weight of the sink, and the edge is sealed to the counter with silicone. This sink is affordable and can be installed on most countertops. This type of kitchen sink is perfect for those people who like simple, creative things and can be installed easily as long as the hole in the countertop is cut correctly. However, top-mount sinks have some drawbacks. Because the lip of the sink is exposed, it’s impossible to sweep food or liquid directly into the sink, making it harder to clean the edges of the sink. Moreover, these sinks don’t look modern and take up valuable counter space.

Under Mount Sinks

Undermount sinks are the opposite of top-mount sinks, as these are installed below your countertops, where special clips ensure the sink’s fastness or the sink is supported well by the base cabinet structure. The fantastic look of under-mounted kitchen sinks with no rim attached is quite pleasant to the eyes. Cleaning the under-mounted kitchen sink is more accessible than cleaning other types since you can just swipe everything cleanly into the sink. They combine functionality and convenience, making them one of the easiest installation options. What’s more, these sinks are compatible with many solid surface countertop materials such as granite and marble. So they are an excellent option for any home with a sleek, modern appearance.

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks, also known as integral sinks, are built into the surrounding countertop. It’s a type of sink for luxurious people who don’t mind spending extra money on great looks and materials because the prices vary dramatically depending on style and materials. The absence of a rim makes it easy to clean and maintain the integrated sinks. Furthermore, these sinks must be made of the same material as the countertop to ensure smooth cohesive and are the perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen thanks to their elegance. Stone, solid surface and quartz are the most common material for this kind of sink. Keep in mind that whatever material and style you choose, for example, a black sink kitchen, the countertops will also reflect your choice. In addition, if integrated sinks are incorrectly installed or get damaged, a replacement can be hugely challenging because you have to remove the sink and the surrounding countertop.


Selecting a suitable kitchen sink may create a big difference in how your kitchen looks. Consider the type of installation of your kitchen sink when deciding. The style of kitchen sink you choose will largely depend on the kind of your kitchen and the look of your cabinets. Although all kitchen sinks are made similarly, not all are appropriate for you.

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