Ways garages add value to your house

While adding a monetary value to how a garage affects your home value is tough, a nice and simple answer is yes, it does! A functional two-car garage makes up for an appealing feature which most Canadians look for when purchasing a house. In Calgary, a garage enhances equity. So, a single-car garage can increase the value of your home up to $25,000, while a double-car garage can double the amount.

If you love to stay outside and need some space for your gear, then a functional garage can create amazing value for your home.

It is important to know all about how a garage adds value to your house:

Direct value

A garage will cost around $27000 in construction and offer 81% ROI. These costs can further be reduced by planning, researching, and choosing a reliable garage builder Calgary.

If your property has a garage, you can also enhance its value by making minor improvements. An upgraded garage door is the best way to do it. The update enhances the curb value of your house and gives it an appealing new look.

What do buyers look for?

If you consider what your buyers are looking for is simple security, some storage space and a good garage. If you have all these in your garage, you’re covered.

Should you invest in a garage?

Extra living space

Today people look for versatility. It is the only reason that a great garage can help you get your home sold instantly in the market. Whether you need space to host guests or give your kids some extra space to play, a well-finished garage is an ideal option.

Having a good space can serve many purposes. So, if you want a versatile place, a garage is surely worth investing in.


It is important to use space properly to save stress. And the best way to enhance the value of your garage is by using it for optimal storage. The selection of cabinets can make or break your garage. Open shelving is a good alternative for awkward shapes.

You can choose from several creative ideas, such as hanging your bikes or gear or having special space for tools and machines, or leaving some space for a freezer can surely add value to your garage.


Do you have kids complaining about going camping and having no place to store their equipment? What about owning a motorbike? A garage can answer these issues.

Garages are the best solution to serve as space for your artistic passions. You can create a welcoming and versatile space for your hobbies in your garage.


If your car has previously been broken into, then a garage will be the safest option to store it. You can secure yourself from the stress of parking your car in an unsafe place. It offers great peace of mind to the owner.

These are how a garage can add value to your home, emotionally, physically and monetarily. So go ahead and start with your project using the help of a professional garage builder Calgary.

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