Ways to Tell the Difference Between a Fraud and a Legit Timeshare Exit Company

Timeshare ownership is a huge industry, with millions of people possessing partial ownership. Well, if you are already bored or fed up with your ownership, you can connect with a legit timeshare cancellation company like Timeshare Freedom. Regrettably, the timeshare industry is filled with several scams as well and they prey on vacation owners wanting to escape their everlasting purchase. 

While negotiations with a timeshare company can be a bit of a struggle, several owners need to discern how bad the situation can turn once the owners enter the world of third-party relief.  It is easy for the owners to lose faith in the legit timeshare in-house advice. But you cannot blame them literally for seeking third-party help. 

Over time, owners become tired of the negative points of programs or upgrades; and unfulfilled promises. However, they are told to steer clear of external solutions because of misconduct. Keeping the same in mind, this article has been prepared to know the difference between a fraudulent and legitimate timeshare exit company.  

4 Practical Ways to Tell the Difference Between a Fraud and a Legit Timeshare Exit Company  

Timeshare cancellation companies such as Timeshare Freedom share knowledge about how the general public can distinguish a legit timeshare exit company from a fraud one. This article will teach four fundamental differences between fraud and legit timeshare exit companies.  

#1: Timeshare Exit Company Contacted You Out of Nowhere  

A sure sign of identifying a timeshare scam is if the company contacted you out of nowhere, along with an unsolicited offer. If you are advertising your timeshare for sale or rent, then it is evident that you to receive inquiries. Whatsoever, legit companies will never contact you out of nowhere with offers to sell or rent your timeshare ownership. This means if you receive an unexpected call from someone you haven’t heard from before, and he is asking if you are willing to sell or rent your timeshare ownership, it is likely to be a timeshare scam.  

#2: Timeshare Exit Company Invited You to a Seminar  

To make a big & quick score, timeshare scammers are desperate to collect the maximum number of timeshare holders at once. These scammers rent a room at a hotel and send postcards to invite you for a presentation. This presentation is prepared to convince you that you can get a lot more funds out of your timeshare by listing it for rent or sale, donating it to a charity, etc. These scam artists know that you are open to attending these presentations since that’s how you probably bought the timeshare ownership, to begin with.  

#3: Timeshare Exit Company Offered You Money Instead of Asking 

While not perfect, it is a hard truth that timeshare needs to make a better investment for people hoping to sell the ownership for what they paid. Talking about the fact, there are way too many vacant properties available. A group of expert developers like Timeshare Freedom sells these units with broader access to potent buyers.  

You might be surprised that there are complaints on Timeshare Freedom, where other timeshare exit companies promised the clients that they’d get a higher price than at which they brought the ownership. But as explained, it is not an investment property. This means when a company or person reaches you with a promise that they will get you more money for your timeshare ownership than you are even asking, you are probably handling a scam.

#4: There is an Anonyms Buyer  

Has someone contacted you and identified himself as a real estate professional or a timeshare exit company representative with a potential buyer interested in buying your timeshare ownership? Watch out! Most probably, this is a scam approach. If he tells you to send funds for closing costs only, do not believe it.  

The Final Words Tell the Difference Between a Fraud and a Legit Timeshare Exit Company  

Although many pieces of advice around avoiding timeshare cancellation scams centered around not being pressured into an agreement or paying an upfront fee that will make you lose a lot of funds, there are even faster ways of spotting timeshare scammers. Avoid the companies calling from the number – 900, as it’s a sure way of identifying the scammer. With the hope that you liked this article, let’s end it here. 

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