What are the benefits of a parcel locker?

A seamless and contactless process of distributing or collecting parcels is viable through integrating a parcel locker into the system. The use of parcel lockers sky-rocketed post-pandemic because it renders a secure, safe, and lockable storing facility that eliminates the requirement for home delivery.

Its growing recognition led to real-time sync with technology and the development of electronic parcel lockers. Today, it is an easy-to-use and reliable option for all forms of recipients.

Types of Parcel Lockers

  • Indoor parcel lockers – Contactless, convenient and secure method of delivery that has a seamless integration
  • Outdoor parcel lockers – Advanced, durable and a smart tech approach for delivery
  • Refrigerator parcel lockers- Temperature controlled, secure, versatile and best suited for perishables

They have additional features like durability and operational efficiency that comply with the recipient’s needs.

Operating process

The three-step operating process is pertinent to both traditional and electronic parcel lockers.

1) Delivery

The parcel locker unlocks through a master code assigned by the property manager. The mail carrier then opens the compartment through the code and places the deliverable in the locker.

2) Notification

In the electronic parcel system, an automated notification is sent to the recipient through email or SMS along with the code to unlock the locker.

In a traditional parcel system, the delivery agent leaves a numbered key that has to be matched by the recipient to collect the parcel.

3) Collection

After entering the pin or the key number, the recipient can open the locker and collect their deliverable. In some cases, parcel lockers come with a bar code that is scanned through the phone.

Benefits of using parcel lockers

With the e-commerce boom, integrating a reliable delivery system invokes a profitable functioning. Parcel lockers being one of them, provides many benefits.

1) Enhanced security and safety

Mail-theft is the primary concern when it comes to having enhanced security. Riddance comes through parcel lockers because it operates on a special code accessible only by the recipient and the mail carrier. Electronic parcel lockers have additional facilities like video surveillance, badge readers and tamper detection. Moreover, they are usually located in busy and luminous areas to ensure the safety of the recipients.

2) Cost-effective

The principal factor while delivering is the cost. It is projected that about 82 per cent of recipients find the shipping cost expensive. Parcel lockers result in being the perfect avenue for it.

Individual deliveries make the shipping cost operationally expensive. With the facility of bulk delivery, shoppers need not face the burden of a costly proposition. Moreover, centralised delivery options are mandatory, giving a lease on the delivery charge.

3) Improved user-experience

The comprehensive system of parcel lockers renders an improved user experience. There is no longer a need of leaving your busy routine to collect your parcel. The interminable access can allow collection at your convenience whilst following the guidelines. You are notified of the time of delivery and access code which ensures the security of your order.

To add on, the system follows a superlative vehicle routing that improves productivity and simplifies the routing.

4) Reduces negative environmental impact

The negative environmental impact is associated with the emission of CO2 in transportation. Unsuccessful and individual orders add to the unnecessary mileage. But, parcel lockers eliminate the extra emission through a better tracking system and bulk delivery.

Setting up parcel lockers reduces the CO2 emission due to the vehicle by two-thirds proportion. It becomes an environmental-friendly option and shows vitality in the ESG aspect of the organisation.

5) Branding and Promotion

A pertinent promotional tool used by many retailers is parcel lockers. Imprinting logos on the locker is a practice applied by many organisations. It generates visibility over your communications and helps your brand get recognised.

6) Detailed insights

Metric and reports provided by the parcel locker technology are helpful to gauge the performance. They become a key performance indicator (KPI) that assists in the ROI calculation. Some tweaks based on that can help in boosting the performance.


There has been tremendous growth in the B2C market. E-commerce has spread geographically, which has increased the need for deliveries.

A forum suggests that the demand for last-mile delivery systems will potentially increase by 78% till 2030. In such a scenario, parcel lockers become a sustainable and economical option with their various capabilities.

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