What Are the Top High-Rise Building Design Courses in India?

Are you someone who aims to make buildings someday? If yes, then High-Rise Building Design Course is the one for you! It might be a dream when you are a kid, but just like other dreams, this dream of yours can also come true. Today, many civil engineers enrol themselves in top building design courses in India. Not only is this course popular, but it can help you land a reputable job where you’ll be designing buildings for real.

The course lets you gain knowledge on designing high-rise buildings and analyse the necessary data for the same. It also equips your knowledge of infrastructures- drainage, water supply, electricity etc. Your skills will be sharpened in a more practical way so that you can design the buildings in a practical setting. Whether you are from Mumbai or Punjab, there are many High Rise building Design Courses in Mumbai from reputable platforms. We have curated a list of the top platform that provides High-rise Building Courses in India.

  • Skill-Lync

Skill-Lync is the top platform providing post-graduate programs in High-Rise Building Design and Analysis. The course’s duration will be 48 weeks, and that too online. The course will equip your technological knowledge in AutoCAD, ETABS, SAFE, TEKLA designer software and more. You will be required to work on 24 industry-level projects that you can showcase as your work on Linkedin.

  • Udemy

Udemy is the top course-providing platform that provides High-Rise Building design courses online. The course is designed in a way that is going to benefit both beginners and experienced. The course is presented as 2.5 hours of lecture videos with 6+ practical projects to sharpen your practical aspect. You will be equipped with all the technical knowledge and codes, along with data analysis

  • Structure X

Structure X is the engineering consulting training platform offering Master Certification in high-rise & tall structure design. The course is around the duration of 150+ hours with online mode availability. Not only will you be getting ample theoretical knowledge, but you will also be getting practical assignments to work on. So even if you are looking for this course in Pune, you will still join the High-Rise Building design course in Pune through online mode.

  • Careers360

Career360 is a comprehensive course providing a platform providing Post Graduate Program in High-Rise Building Design. The course will have around 10 modules with live-practical projects. However, the course is divided into 3 plans basic, pro and premium. The course is suitable for both structural engineers and civil engineers. The course duration is from 9 months to 18 months, depending on the plan chosen by you.

Summing up

Your once-upon-a-time dream of building a high-rise building can come true. The High-rise building design course is for you if you are a civil or structural engineer looking to step into the design world. The course renders complete theoretical and practical knowledge that lets you gain knowledge on designing high-rise buildings and analyse the necessary data for the same. Many course providers are providing this course on online platforms. Make sure you enrol yourself in this course and design all the tall skyscrapers.

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