What is chain Block? Uses, Prices, and How it Works

There are no more struggles lifting your load with the introduction of chain block in the market. Focus on the durability, warranty, and how much you want to raise,and the price will fall in place. You will always find a machine within your budget.

What is a Chain Block?

A chain block is a device used to lift and bring down heavy loads with minimum effort. It has two wheels that wind the chain around, pulling it and, as a result lifting any objects hooked to the chain or rope. This means heavy loads can be lifted with relative ease. The mechanism is used to lift items vertically and is therefore useful in agriculture, retail and construction.

Industrial manual lever chain block


Chain blocks are used in narrow spaces like garages to detach engines from cars. They are efficient and cost-effective in such places as it requires only one person to operate. They also work well in repairing goods, installing machines, anddoing overhead work.

In construction sites, chain blocks may be used to raise loads from the ground to higher levels, while in factories, they are useful in lifting objects from and to the belt. Sometimes, the tool can be used to haul vehicles from bad terrains. Basically, the device is suitable for a wide range of hoist applications as they are versatile and come in different capacities.

How Does a Chain Block Operate?

A chain block has a base hook, hand chain, and lifting chain. The load is connected to the device via the base hook and lifted by pulling the hand chain. When the hand chain is pulled, the chain loops around the two internal wheels, and as it tightens, it causes tension that lifts the load vertically.

The chain should be pulled carefully to ensure it doesn’t tangle or jolt when lifting the load. It is also recommended to raiseor lower the load slowly until it is balanced and the device works well before speeding it to the required height.

Price of Chain Block

The chain block price in Kenya varies based on durability, warranty, load capacity, and the seller of a particular device.Durable chain blocks with high load capacity and longer warranty tend to be pricier. However, they are cost-effective in the long run as they are long-lasting and require minimum repair in their lifetime.

It is also good to compare prices from different sellers as some might sell unnecessarily at higher prices.


Many prefer chain blocks to other hoisting equipment because of their remarkable strength, yet they are easy to mount. Most are made from alloy steel, with some brands offering options with heat-treated gear, shaft, and body for enhanced strength. The mechanism also has an excellent workload limit, has safety latches for security, and is cost-effective.


Chain block is a great lifting solution forthe construction, agricultural, manufacturing, and retail sector. They come at reasonable prices yet allow you to raise and lower heavy loads with minimum effort. Before investing in any device, carefully research its durability, warranty, and load capacity. It is also best to ensure its price fits your budget before ordering.

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