What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is a purely hypothetical game in which the participant creates a team of imaginary players who score points based on the performances of their “real-life” counterparts.

The player picks 11 players – including 3 substitutes – to create his or her own virtual cricket team. Points are awarded according to how many runs, wickets and catches each player makes in any given match. These players have to be given a certain value (usually 10,000) in rupees and the player who accumulates the most points wins.

Winning Fantasy Cricket is all about choosing players who are likely to score the maximum points. This can be achieved by analysing the playing abilities and season records of cricketers. Each player is categorized according to his or her batting skill, bowling skill and fielding ability.

Each week during the competition, a player’s performance is measured by taking note of how many runs, wickets and catches he makes.

There are two main rules in ICC Fantasy league  – one which comes into force after some matches are played and another which comes into force only at the end of the competition.

  • The first rule is that a player who has not played in any game can be replaced by another superior batsman.
  • The second rule is that a player who has been selected to play in all the matches can be replaced by another player due to his unavailability.

If a replacement is not made, the player will either make zero points or the points he could have made if he had played. This rule therefore disables a team from making use of players who are certain to score points but who may miss out on playing in some games. The exception is when the player was sidelined by injury and was either put on standby or replaced by another player because of this injury.

The participants can choose to opt for an Auto-Pick option while submitting their team. This feature is available at a small premium. The player’s team will be automatically drafted using one of the top-ranked players in their chosen category.


  1. Auto-Pick
  2. Cashback on entire transaction value
  3. Stay connected with Fantasy Cricket scores and updates for free with the Fantasy Cricket app for Windows Phone
  4. Track your performance and achievements with the Fantasy Cricket app
  5. Share your fantasy cricket scores, photos and videos with friends on various social media platforms
  6. Enjoy fantasy cricket even without wifi connection. You can play without internet connection but only for limited time as per the coverage of service provider
  7. Share fantasy cricket scores and get cashback directly on your paytm wallet on win/loss basis
  8. Manage your team with a real-time scoreboard, edit player details, add players, check injury updates and select for upcoming matches

Con clusion

Fantasy Cricket is also used by major corporations as a marketing tool for their products and services. Numerous companies have had their own fantasy cricket contests with prizes and promotions geared toward raising brand awareness.

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