What Kind of Compensation Should I Claim After a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Brain injuries can occur as a result of an accident. This accident can be a road accident or a slip-and-fall accident. Traumatic brain injuries can be of many types and forms, and the compensation will also be different based on the type of injury. Brain injuries can be life-altering as well as highly traumatic for not only the person but also the people associated with the person. The individual who goes through a traumatic brain injury can have many lasting impacts, and a person might even have to learn how to do basic things again. This article will take you through the different compensation that you can receive in case you sustain a traumatic brain injury

Medical Compensation 

If you have sustained a brain injury, the medical costs can be hefty. Medical compensation will involve hospital bills, aftercare costs, and any such first-hand costs. In addition to this, any future medical costs can also be demanded. In case your injuries are permanent, and you require regular medical care, this will also be covered in the compensation. Ensure that any such costs are filed in the compensation claims and settled in the initial stages.

Wages Compensation 

Since you were in an accident and suffered from a brain injury, you would not be able to return to work immediately. The party at fault will cover the lost wages such that you can easily support your family or dependents. If you have sustained permanent injuries and future job opportunities are also lost, you can demand compensation for that as well. The attorney you hire will be able to list down all wages and compensations that you are eligible for based on your medical diagnosis.

Property Compensation 

If you were riding a vehicle when the accident happened, then your property that in this case, the vehicle, would also be covered in the damages. Either the property will be repaired or replaced by the party at fault.

–  Pain and Emotional Compensation 

According to the statistics, 176 Americans lost their lives to traumatic brain injuries in the year 2020. In 2019, 223,000 Americans were hospitalized as a result of traumatic brain injuries. These numbers are alarming as well as emotionally damaging. The trauma of such accidents is highly nerve-wracking and leads to emotional suffering. Many people opt for therapy after long, prolonged trauma. These expenses will also be covered by the party at fault.

Funeral Compensation 

TBI can be fatal as well. If the injured did not survive, in that case, the family is eligible for compensation. This compensation is utilized by the family for funeral and burial proceedings. If the deceased was the sole breadwinner for the family, then the economic damage to the family will also be covered. Since the family is going through emotional distress, it is the responsibility of the attorney to continue with the procedure.

The pain and the emotional distress that come with TBI are unimaginable, and even though compensation doesn’t reduce it, it helps you and your family to brave it. Make sure to get a qualified attorney to represent you.

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