What to Consider Before You Choose a Tattoo Cover Up

When choosing a Tattoo Cover Up, it is vital to consider the different factors that will affect your new design. It includes the colors used, placement, size, and artist.

You will want to choose an artist that has experience with cover-ups. It will help ensure a better result.


Dark colors that mask the original ink are frequently used for tattoo cover up ideas. For this task, blending-friendly inks like blue, brown, and black work well since they produce new color tones.

However, these colors can still be challenging to match with a skin tone. A tattoo artist who is experienced in covering up old tattoos can make these designs look beautiful.

It is essential to have realistic expectations when choosing a tattoo cover-up. You may not find a design you love the first time you come into the studio, but once the process is over, you will most likely be satisfied with your cover-up.

Choosing a tattoo cover-up design is a different science; it takes some brainstorming and creative thinking. The best thing you can do is source some images you love and use them as inspiration for your cover-up.


Find a skilled artist with experience covering up undesired tattoos if you’re searching for a tattoo cover-up. A good artist will use elements of your old tattoo to design a new one that completely hides the original.

The color of your cover-up should be darker than the original so that it can conceal any ink from the previous tattoo. Pigments like blue and black are best for this, as they can fully cover existing ink.

A good artist will also focus on adding details to the cover-up, as this helps to distract the eye away from the previous tattoo. It can be done with intricate floral designs, detailed lettering, and traditional American styles.

Another way to cover up your tattoo is to add a layer of color, which can be achieved with floral patterns, leaves, birds, and fish. It will also help to hide any lines that show through the original ink.


Cover-up tattoos are an excellent option for people who want to camouflage an old tattoo. They can also be a perfect way to add more color or change the style of an existing tattoo.

Covering up a tattoo is similar to laser tattoo removal, but the process can be more labor-intensive and take longer to complete. It is because the cover-up tattoo will need to be sized appropriately and based on the previous design, which can make it more difficult for the artist to plan the placement strategically.

In addition, the new tattoo will undergo the same fading and microscopic migration that the original tattoo did. It can make it harder for the new ink to saturate the skin thoroughly.

Examining photographs you like is one of the finest ways to decide how big your cover-up tattoo should be. You can then work with your tattoo artist to create a design that perfectly matches what you’re trying to hide.


If you have a tattoo that you want to cover up, it’s essential to choose an artist who can create a quality result. It is especially true if you’re trying to cover over a faded tattoo with a fresh design.

Certified cover-up artists understand how to blend the old and new tattoos without obliterating the former. They know how to create patterns and colors that draw attention to the latest artwork while leaving the old untouched.

Many tattoos are designed in black, but a good cover-up artist knows how to mix in other colors to create an entirely different color for the new tattoo. It can help camouflage the older design and prevent you from having to redo it in the future.

A competent tattoo artist can advise you on skin-friendly colors and the appropriate size for your cover-up design. The size of the new tattoo should be at least 30% larger than your original one. It will give the tattoo artist more freedom to add color and detail to their latest work.

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