Where to Put Mirror in Living Room

If you’re not sure where to put a mirror in your living room, start with the focal point. pklikes mirrors will draw attention to a piece of artwork or other feature. Small mirrors will look insignificant compared to large ones. Or, try a vignette based on several smaller mirrors. You’ll be surprised by the effect! Here are some ideas for where to place a mirror in your living room.


When deciding where to hang your mirror, keep in mind that some mirrors are slanted. For example, if your living room is shaped like a “U” shape, you may want to hang the mirror at an angle of about 30 degrees. If you have pklikes com login  a taller sofa or love seat, you should hang your mirror at eye level. Remember, however, to leave three to five inches of space between your mirror and taller furniture.


While positioning the mirror can be tricky, there are a few tips you can use to make sure it fits your room. First, place it opposite a vase. Then, align it opposite a window. This way, it will reflect the art on the wall. If you have a large wall, you can also place the mirror next to it. Alternatively, place it directly opposite a large vase. In any case, the mirror should be close to the focal point, where it will catch your eye.


Next, consider the size. Everyone’s living room is different, so choose the right size and shape for your living room. Consider how big the mirror should be. A large mirror will not only give your living room a focal point but will also make the top half of the room seem larger thinknews. This is especially helpful if your chimney breasts stick out from the wall. Mirrors are also useful for deepening alcoves.


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